Jollywallet Enters South American Market, Signaling the Awaking of the Latin American Online Shopper

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April 24, 2014
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Jollywallet Enters South American Market, Signaling the Awaking of the Latin American Online Shopper

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil - Online Shopping

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


jollywallet – signaling the awakening of the South American online shopping market

Online shopping retailers and e-commerce consumer applications, such as the cashback jollywallet browser add-on, are poised to reap big rewards from the fired-up South American Internet technology market.

The past two months have been blockbuster months for the South American technology consumer. This is very good news for consumers in Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Columbia and other Latin American countries where trekking out to shop in a bricks and mortar retail establishment is at best challenging and at worse perilous. Massive traffic delays due to poor urban planning diminish any enthusiasm consumers might have for venturing out to enjoy a day at the mall. Government instability, civil unrest and other socio-political upheavals in many South American countries can make a fun shopping trip a nightmare experience. Fortunately, Internet technology developers and retailers are braving the waters.

The recent announcement by Radyoos Media that jollywallet is now partnering with online retailers in South America is an excellent marker to the awaking of the online shopping market in this region. A growing and strengthening Internet-based consumer market in Latin America is good news for everyone in the e-commerce business, shopping apps among them. Increased access to online shopping opportunities provides a breath of fresh air for consumers in this region of the world who like to shop.

Here is a brief recap of some recent exciting Internet technology news coming out of the South American region.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil - Online Shopping

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (photo by Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz)

Almost 2000 Brazilians eagerly awaited the opening of Apple’s first retail store in the country, which opened in Rio de Janeiro in February. Apple is already planning a second opening in Sao Paulo. Now, Brazilians will have easier access to purchasing iPhones and other iOS mobile Internet devices. 

The giant of the e-commerce world, Amazon, is now marketing Kindle devices through their Brazilian online store. It is rumored that Barnes & Noble may also offer e-books to Brazilian consumers in the very near future. 

Riding on this momentum, jollywallet users have instant access to the latest coupon offerings and cash-back savings opportunities from several online South American retailers. This free online shopping assistant unobtrusively alerts consumers to special deals waiting for them at more than 3,000 international e-retail sites. 

Rounding out the list of good news for Brazilian consumers is Google’s recent announcement that Chromebooks would be manufactured locally and thereby available at much more affordable prices. This comes on the heels of Google’s rollout of Google Play Books and Google Play Movies to dozens of countries in South America.

There is still ample room for growth in e-commerce in the Latin American market. While interest among consumers continues to grow, Internet retailers must navigate through the various countries’ political policies, some of which are not yet favorable to Internet commerce. Nevertheless, South American consumers can shop online at many well-known, international retail sites, including Urban Outfitters, H&M,, Wal-mart, as well as an increasing list of new domestic retailers, such as and When they do, jollywallet will be there to help them find and benefit from coupon and cash-back savings