TogliattiAzot’s Measure of Success: Improved Quality of Life for Russia’s Disabled Children

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TogliattiAzot’s Measure of Success: Improved Quality of Life for Russia’s Disabled Children

TogliattiAzot - Adopting diabled children grant

TogliattiAzot – a Russian Icon

TogliattiAzot program for adopting disabled children

Sergei Makhlai says that “the legacy of TogliattiAzot is to ensure that Russia’s disabled children grow up in loving homes where they have the chance to be integrated fully into society…”

TogliattiAzot, a Russian ammonia and carbamide production facility, headquartered on the Volga River in the Samara Region of Russia has for decades been an icon in the Russian and international corporate community, weathering the turbulence of economic and political upheavals to become one of the largest and strongest mineral fertilizer producers in the world. Its trend-setting does not stop there. TogliattiAzot prides itself in providing some of the best employee benefits in the corporate world, and has succeeded in building not only a successful business but also a corporate home for its family of employees, almost all of whom have been with the company since its inception. But, for TogliattiAzot Chairman and JSC, Sergei Makhlai, the most important mark that he wants to leave behind is the charitable work of TogliattiAzot and its employees.

Focusing on Children with Disabilities

Among the many charitable endeavors of TogliattiAzot is a special program that focuses on the needs of children with disabilities. According to Sergei Makhlai the most significant challenges for these children are: homes, safety, healthcare and enjoyment of life. In fact, he points out that approximately 30% of Russia’s disabled children are living in government institutions where their needs are neglected and their quality of life is deplorable. Therefore, TogliattiAzot has prioritized its charitable giving to improve the quality of life for these special children.

Togliattiazot LogoTogliattiAzot set up a special program whereby 100 grants, funded from the profits earned from its manufacturing activities, are available to support Russian families who adopt disabled children. Each grant provides 120,000 Russian rubles per adopted child, annually to the adopting family, until the child reaches the age of 18. Employees of TogliattiAzit may also adopt children without disabilities, as long as they meet the remainder of the qualifying criteria. These grants are in the amount of 100,000 Russian rubles per year. This is great news not only for orphaned children with disabilities, but also for families who have had the yearning to take in such a child, but lacked the financial means to do so.

Grant Criteria

The TogliattiAzot special program is limited to adoptive families who have taken into their homes disabled children who were orphans or otherwise left without parents to take care of them. This would include adoptions from orphanages, boarding schools, special care facilities or from the child’s extended family, i.e., relatives, who cannot care for the child. Eligible adoptive families can live anywhere in Russia, but they must have adopted a child who was formerly living in an institution in the Samara region of Russia. The grants must be used solely for the benefit of the disabled child.

Eligible expenses are:

  • improving the living quarters of the adoptive home to accommodate the disability needs of the adopted child;
  • medical expenses, including prescriptions, special equipment, and personal care products, health insurance premiums, and outpatient treatment expenses;
  • clothing;
  • education, including textbooks, computers, tutors;
  • quality of life activities, such as, vacations, trips to cultural centers, sporting events, and so forth.

Sergei Makhlai says that “the legacy of TogliattiAzot is to ensure that Russia’s disabled children grow up in loving homes where they have the chance to be integrated fully into society, to be exposed to all the fruits of an economically successful culture, and be provided the best education possible so they have an opportunity for long-term success in life.”

  • Roscoe Smith

    It is very inspiring to see Russia helping to improve the lives of children that are disabled. I have a disabled cousin and my aunt has a really difficult time in raising him. I will be sure to refer this article to her.

  • George Keating

    I think this is a good way for the company to give back to the community. More companies all over the world need to set up programs to help the disabled like this.

  • Timothy Collins

    Russia is a beautiful country and this shows it. It’s good to see this happening in the world.

  • Vivek Mangipudi

    It is amazing how giant corporates like this are taking steps so as to give back to the society that supported them. More companies should come forward and contribute to the societal welfare. Actually these giant conglomerates could actually divide the fields to which each could contribute and make this world a better place to live.

  • Who R U

    Russia offers it’s people many great avenues, it is great to see the children are one of the top priorities. Good for your Russia!!

  • venustasbox

    I hope that Russia does not have many orphans.

  • Kwayyes

    We should all unite to help the disabled children in Russia and the rest of the world and we should all learn from TogliattiAzot and Mr. Sergei Makhlai.