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The Photographers’ Gallery

the photographers gallery

the photographers galleryFor lovers of fine art photography, as well as artists seeking maximum exposure for their work, the Photographers’ Gallery in London is the place to be.

Founded in 1971, the Photographers’ Gallery was the first art gallery devoted solely to photography. In the decades since then, Photographers’ Gallery has succeeded in elevating photography to a high art form, and has become a cultural mecca for photography enthusiasts from all over the world. Some of the greatest international photography artists have exhibited their work at Photographers’ Gallery, including: Sebastiao Salgado, Juergen Teller, Robert Capa, and Dorothea Lange.

Investing in the future

With an eye to the future, Photographers’ Gallery completed a £9.2M capital campaign to enable expansion and development of gallery facilities. Their new Chair of the Board, Scott Mead, appointed last November is a good candidate to help the gallery build on the success of the campaign. Not only is Mead himself a fine art photographer, but he comes to the Chairmanship with a rich portfolio of experience in investments and philanthropy, including as partner and managing director at Goldman Sachs.

2015 exhibits span the social and political spectrum

A quick peek at the upcoming 2015 exhibit schedule reveals the reach of Photographers’ Gallery into the edgy, social issues of today. For instance, “Seamless Transitions” is James Bridle’s stunning depiction in photography of the immigration and detention process in the UK, focusing on legal procedures and the architecture of detention and immigration facilities. The exhibit will run from early February through mid-April. Charlotte Dumas, a Dutch artist, will have her first solo exhibit in the UK. “Anima” and “The Wildest Prairies” is a collection of visually stunning and emotive depictions of horses and dogs, sure to stir feelings of love in the hearts of all viewers. “Human Rights Human Wrongs,” is an exhibit of 250 original press prints covering the time period from 1945 through the 1990s, decades known for political upheavals, world-wide conflict, and racial protests. This is the first time the exhibit is showing in the UK and viewers can see it from early February until early April.

  • simon weild

    This will be great for up and coming artists.

  • Nick Smith

    This is a top class photographic gallery in London, budding and established photographers can exhibit their work here, a must visit for photography enthusiasts.

  • kris

    I love the Photographers’ Gallery. I love getting to go there any time I’m in London to see some of the most pre-eminent photographers displaying their works. I can’t wait to get to see “Human Rights Human Wrongs,”

  • Austin King

    Photography is beyond an art. It is a living breathing force showcasing life at a standstill. Such a great article.

  • missbishi

    Photography is often overlooked as a serious art form so it’s always encouraging to hear about galleries and institutions developing and expanding. I think that the “Human Rights Human Wrongs” exhibiton would be well worth a visit.