Music from Your Light Bulb

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Music from Your Light Bulb

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Remember the important elements of the first date? Probably top of the list was romantic lighting and music. In the old days, it was dimmer lights and slow dance music. If you went to the restaurant, there had to be a candle on the table, and the preferred lighting was as dim as possible. Well now, as with all things, high-tech has taken on the light bulbproverbial light bulb. Now, your lightbulb can also get you in the mood by playing your favorite music. Thomas Edison meets Apple.

Welcome to “Twist”

Astro, a new start-up based in New York City has developed a way to stream music directly through your lightbulb via Apple AirPlay. You do not need a Bluetooth connection, additional hardware or a “smart” hub. You just need Twist, a new hybrid of speaker and light bulb.

Twist looks a little different from your ordinary light bulb, it is flat at the top and white, but you insert it the same way into any lighting fixture. Then, simply line up your favorite tunes on your iPad, iPhone, laptop or desktop and Twist and AirPlay will take care of everything for you…sit back and enjoy. Because it is Wi-Fi, you can play music from any room in your house, or you can even plug in the bulb outside on the patio.

Founder and CEO of Astro, Shaun Springer says he and his team of developers were motivated to help young urban dwellers who could not afford multi-room “smart” systems. They looked for a way to produce the same effect as the larger components, but in smaller homes—great lighting and streaming audio throughout the living space—without all the complicated hardware and expense. With Twist nothing is complicated and you get the great lighting and sound that you want.

And don’t forget about moods

Internet connected Twist doesn’t just play music. It also changes temperature color throughout the day, starting out in the morning as white and transitioning to a rich shade of yellow in the evening. And when you are ready to turn the light down a little to get into that special mood, you can simply use the Twist iOS app or remote dimmer. What next? Springer is already on it. Keep your eye on Astro, they are sure to take your internet-connected devices to an even higher level of enjoyment.