The Latest Green Technologies Offer Exciting New Ways to Clean Up the Planet

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New Green Technologies Offer Dozens of Ways to Clean up the Planet.

2015 and 2016 look to be banner years for green technology innovation and implementation. Environmentalists were abuzz at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Featured were amazing new technologies designed to reduce greenhouse emissions, lessen dependence on fossil fuels and begin the long process of cleaning up the planet. Among the premiers this year were:

1. A new app from Sensibo that turns your air conditioner into a smart cooling device. The app works on a standard remote control, and automatically adjusts your unit according to your lifestyle, saving as much as 40% on energy usage. This is great for the environment and your electricity bill.

2. For lovers of the scooter, Gogoro Smartscooter is a newly designed, electrically powered, two wheel smart scooter that will easily, speedily and safely carry you around around the city. The program includes battery swapping stations, so you do not need to spend time waiting to charge up. The scooters come equipped with 30 onboard sensors, cloud technology, and mobile apps that get you to the nearest battery station, plus keep the scooter in good working condition. The Gogoro Smartscooter was test-marketed this summer in Taipei City and New Taipei City in Taiwan. If you visit their website, you can join the pioneer club and be among the first to purchase the new smart scooter once it hits the mass market.


Gogoro Smartscooter

3. Toyota announced that it would free up thousands of hydrogen cell fuel patents, providing them free of charge, in order to push forward a world-wide effort to develop and implement new hydrogen cell fuel technologies. Toyota Motor Sales, USA looks forward to the first generation of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and believes that by the elimination of this step in patent development, governments, NGOs, educational institutions and energy providers can work more collaboratively and quickly toward bringing these vehicles to the marketplace.

4. From Solpro comes a new solar energy charger for your smartphone, tablet or other USB-enabled device. Current solar energy chargers take around 20 hours to charge. Solpro’s new charger will have the device charged up in only 90 minutes, making the technology much more attractive to the millions of mobile smartphone, tablet and other digital device users around the world. Now instead of looking around and worrying about finding an electrical outlet, one can simply harness the power of the sun, reducing electricity usage while you enjoy the outdoors. The first new solar energy chargers were introduced to consumers this summer in 37 Apple stores across the United States.

Hopefully as these exciting innovations in green technology are integrated into mainstream lives, environmental prospects for our one and only planet can keep on improving.