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August 1, 2016
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August 15, 2016

Just Giving Gives Hope

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An Economic Revolution – the Internet and Crowdfunding

Remember writing letters and physically posting them? We used to have to wait patiently for the postman to get a response. These days communication is instant via email, messaging and social media. It’s now possible to interact with contacts across the world, wehter it’s chatting to a relative in Barbados via Whatsapp Messenger or watching a live stream of a friend’s wedding in Thailand via Skype. The wonderful thing is just as you can keep in touch with friends and family all over the world via social media, you can also gather sponsorships and donations for worthy causes from all over too. With all the technological advances transforming the world into a tight-knit family, collaborating for good has been made much easier.

When Charity and Crowdfunding MergePaul Burdell - is using crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is powerful, useful and it is global. JustGiving is the number one online crowdfunding platform geared for good deeds. Anybody can start a campaign and almost instantly reach thousands, even millions of potential donors. A JustGiving campaign is visible to anybody on the Internet, and can be shared across multiple social media platforms. An excellent example of using JustGiving for charity success is a recent campaign started by Paul Burdell, who achieved 413% of his fundraising target for CLIC Sargent, a UK charity for children and young people with cancer. The businessman and his wife Selena decided to embark on a bike ride with two goals: to raise awareness of cancer and to simply raise £750 for the cause. The response was unexpectedly overwhelming, with over £3,000 raised for CLIC Sargent and an additional £395 raised via Gift Aid. This once again proves how powerful the spirit of giving can be when a group of people all stand together, sharing a goal of making a difference in the world – and the immense potential of crowdfunding.