Project Nigeria part 1: Benedict Peters’ Aiteo Group Is Saving Lives in Adamawa State

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November 14, 2016
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Project Nigeria part 1: Benedict Peters’ Aiteo Group Is Saving Lives in Adamawa State

Benedict Peters – Helping Internally Displaced Persons in Adamawa, Nigeria


Project Nigeria – Nigeria is one of the countries in Africa that has a true need for good news and support. Our project will showcase 3 extraordinary events in this country that support making it a better place.


According to the UNHCR, there were 40.8 million internally displaced persons at the end of 2015. Five countries accounted for 60% of this worldwide total: Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Syria and South Sudan. Internally displaced persons (IDPs) are people who were forced to flee from their homes, but remained within the boundaries of their own country. While they are sometimes referred to as refugees, they do not meet the international definition of the term, making them particularly vulnerable.

There were more than 2 million internally displaced persons in Nigeria at the end of 2015, 136,100 of them in the northeast Nigerian state of Adamawa. Most Nigerian IDPs are the victims of insurgency attacks by extremists, communal violence and natural disasters.Benedict Peters - Finally Good News
The living conditions in IDP camps are very poor and unsanitary leading to fast spreading disease. Due to extreme poverty, the crime rate in the camps is very high and basic infrastructure such as water, sewerage and power are grossly inadequate if at all existent.

Local government has declared the IDP situation a severe emergency and requested members of the community to get involved, but up until November 2016 no serious donations had been made. One of the reasons may be the concern that contributions would not reach their destination. However it seems the government has managed to establish secure and effective delivery channels to the people of the IDP camps.


Aiteo Group Supports IDPs in Adamawa State


Witnessing the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the northeast IDP camps of his country, Benedict Peters, founder and CEO of Aiteo Group, felt he had to take action. In early November, as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility activity, Aiteo Group made a generous donation to the Adamawa State Emergency Management Agency.

The donation package was designed to adress basic needs and consisted of large quantities of emergency supplies like salt, sugar, rice, noodles and cooking oil, washing detergent, bathing soap, sanitary towels and diapers. It also included 100 mattresses, 1000 mosquito nets and 1000 exercise books. All items donated cam to an approximated worth of 30 million Nigerian Naira.

Muhammdu Umaru Jibrilla, the Governor of Adamawa, thanked Aiteo and Peters for their generous donation and encouraged other able Nigerian individuals and companies to join in the effort to ease the suffering of the people in the IDP camps. Aiteo representative Mallam Babangida Nuhu, said that Benedict Peters believes strongly in helping people in need and plans to continue contributing whenever and wherever he can.

About the Aiteo Group

Aiteo Group is an integrated energy corporation, committed to sustainable energy development. Its activities include oil and gas exploration and extraction, production, marketing, trading and shipping.

Benedict Peters is the Founder and CEO of the Group. He has been involved in the energy field since the early 70s with decades of direct experience in the oil and gas industry. He founded Aiteo Group in 2000.

  • Mona

    Really nice to read about the generosity and caring of the Aiteo Group.

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    Mr. Peters is saving Nigeria one day at at time. I really think it’s great especially relating to the effort that is being put into this. The fact that there are 40 million that are displaced, is a staggering figure and I believe with hard work and diligence, Mr. Peters is doing a great service.

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    From this article i got more information about nigeria and the people struggling for they daily needs, the goverment must take steps solve they problems.

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    Great to see someone use their success to help out those who need it most.

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    Aiteo Group is an integrated energy corporation, committed to sustainable energy development.

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    This is very informative and well described. It’s easy to understand all the points being made about Benedict Peters. I enjoyed it a lot and will share what I learned with all my friends.

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    They are really abandoned. If they left their country they get some help from international community.

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    Great project. Good to see people being helped. Keep it going.

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    Benedict Peters is a true philanthropist and humanitarian

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    Benedict Peters participates in an act of selfless with his Aireto Group to help his fellow man by providing safe refuge and nourishment. It is the greatest thing he can do to ease the pain of conflict and natural disasters that cause displacement.

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    Benedict Peters is taking one giant step to make the world a better place!

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    I’m happy to see more movement in the sustainable energy business, it is a top priority due to climate change and pollution. Basic needs come first though and I’m glad to see an article like this.

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    It is good to see an energy corporation assuming social responsibility in areas where they do business. Supplying these essential items to the IDPs of Nigeria sets a great example that hopefully will be followed by other leaders in the energy community!

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    It is nice to know that there are wealthy people who supported the poorest of the poor. Hope there will be more blessings to a business person like you so that you can help more organization that will benefits that entire humanity. God bless.

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    We all need to be more aware of what’s happening in other countries. These awareness will open our eyes as well as our hearts.

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    Really it’s a great news for Helping Internally Displaced Persons in Adamawa, Nigeria.

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    Benedict Peters is a good man who is helping disabled people in Nigeria. He is doing gods work and being an inspiration to all of us.

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    Glad that the first news I read on the New Year was a ”good news”!

    Such a wonderful thing that an energy tycoon like Benedict Peters is giving away some of his wealth to the people who are really in need. Wish other multi-millionaires and billionaires were as amazing as Mr. Peters.

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    he is a vey kind and caring man for helping the people of Nigeria im sure they’re very greatful to him