Project Nigeria part 3: Nigerian Billionaire Unveils US$100 Million Program

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Project Nigeria part 3: Nigerian Billionaire Unveils US$100 Million Program

Project Nigeria - Tony

Project Nigeria – Nigeria is one of the countries in Africa that has a true need for good news and support. Our project will showcase 3 extraordinary events in this country that support making it a better place.

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African Entrepreneurs Will Benefit from Elumelu’s Latest Programme

Billionaire and philanthropist Tony Elumelu loves his country and does his best to aid its development and its people. In 2016 he launched an entrepreneurship program that makes US$100 million available to African and African/American entrepreneurs throughout the United States and Africa.

Who is Tony Elumelu?Project Nigeria - Tony conference

Tony Elumelu is a Nigerian entrepreneur, philanthropist and economist. He is the founder, CEO and chairman of several companies including United Bank for Africa, Heirs Holdings and Transnational Corporation of Nigeria. Elumelu’s business interests cover a wide range of industries including financial services, oil and gas, power generation, real estate, hospitality and agriculture. He is also the founder of the philanthropic organisation The Tony Elumelu Foundation, and is well known for the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme.

It’s all About Nigeria to Tony Elumelu

Although he is not an internationally known figure, Tony Elumelu is quickly achieving recognition for the work he is doing to improve the lives of the citizens of Nigeria. Despite the country’s economic challenges, Elumelu remains positive about the country and is urging investors from all over the world to invest in Nigeria. According to the billionaire Nigeria plays an important role in Africa because whatever is invested in the country spills over to dozens of neighbouring countries.

Creating Opportunity for Africans

In 2014 around 100 African and African/American business leaders attended a summit in Washington DC which was co-hosted by Tony Elumelu. The goal of the summit was to provide a platform from which the economic stance of Africans and African/Americans can be accurately ascertained, so that opportunities of advancement can be created.

Envisioning a Massive Business Explosion

Elumelo’s ultimate vision is to help 10,000 entrepreneurs to create 10,000 startups over a period of ten years through The Tony Elumelu foundation and this initiative. The hope is that this will send Nigerian and other African business people on an upward trajectory while creating significant opportunity for wealth and employment, and at the same time solidifying a mutually beneficial collaboration between Africa and the United States.

What Elumelu Says about his Ambitious Plans

Like many of the other rising African philanthropists, Tony Elumelu believes that home-grown African philanthropy is what should be creating the itinerary for the development of Nigeria and the African continent. He launched this initiative with the goal of tackling some of the issues faced by African entrepreneurs. Elumelu also hopes that his actions will encourage other high net worth Africans to follow in his footsteps, and also give support. The goals of the foundation and the initiative are as follows:

  1. Identify 10,000 African entrepreneurs or startups with bright ideas that have potential for success
  2. Help the businesses grow with mentoring, skills training, seed capital funding, and membership to a continent-wide network
  3. Assist with creating businesses that can generate a minimum of 1,000,000 new jobs while also generating at least US$10 billion in revenue over a period of ten years.Considering the large-scale success Elumelu has already achieved as a businessman, one can rest assured that this initiative will also be successful.