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1% For the Planet

1% For the Planet

Believing in Collective Impact

1% for the Planet is a global organisation with a mission to build a healthy planet. The initiative believes that the viability of our planet is facing an existential threat and that it is up to all of us that occupy it to do something about it. 

Who They Are

Founded in 2002 by Craig Mathews and Yvon Chouinard, 1% for the Planet encourages members to donate 1% of their profits towards creating a better world for us all. Because our expertise lies in a variety of fields, it is not always easy to develop strategies and methods of making a positive impact on the planet. Few have the resources to explore the vast array of options to make a difference. By creating the organisation, accessible and credible means of supporting the environment was created. 1% for the Planet maximises the impact of support by connecting members to trusted non-profit partners.

Why They Exist

Climate change is putting our very existence in danger, our food supply systems are under threat and our animals and plants at risk of extinction. Because these issues are not being adequately addressed, it is up to the global community to take responsibility to drive positive change. Through this initiative, a diverse network has done amazing work for over a decade. With a firm belief that putting dollars and doers together can make a tangible local impact, 1% for the Planet is becoming an unstoppable force in the fight for our planet’s survival.

What You Can Do

Whether you are a company, a non-profit organisation, or an individual, you can support the initiative. There are several ways to join 1% for the Planet. As a company, you can join with a product line, through your brand or as the whole company making an annual contribution. In most cases, donations are tax deductible. Individuals can either pledge 1% of their salaries, commit to giving a percentage of their purchases or sign up for a charity charge credit card which will automatically donate 1% to the cause.